SET has developed on the basis of long experience a new kind of process management system for the friction industry.

Based on state of the art technology INFLEXO consists of three main parts which are forming an optimized overall concept:

  • QUIK:
    100% inline quality control of the brake pads


  • TRACE:
    Traceability of products and storage of all process parameters for every single product


  • PPDS: Permanent Production- Data  logging & Supervision
    This system monitors all production parameters of the production line and controls the entire production. Thus a maximum output at minimal efforts is achieved.
    A newly developed process visualization software enables the staff at the same time from any location within the plant to monitor the current production data and manage the production.
    Within an intelligent order management system legimated staff is able to set up new production orders while the system is constantly optimizing the order chain. This helps to minimize of tool change times and related costs.