Software for production vizualisation:
SET View

SET View is a visualization program, which is based on Visual Basic. It can be used for production recording, recipe administration and alarming.

SET View ...

  • is an open, cost-saving software system
  • allows the individual adjustment at different production processes
  • is available as modular system


Production recording

Due to the fact, that SET View has integrated a production data recording module, it is possible to create the basis for SET Analyze and SET Process on the one hand and on the other hand a easy creation of production and process data analysis can be made.

Recipe administration

The module recipe administration allows effective organisation and maintenance of recipe parameters. These parameters are saved directly in the database. Because of the login of users with their own passwords it is possible to log the entries and changes in the recipe values.


The module SET View alarm messaging system is a user friendly tool for a quick, visualized gathering and handling of alarm messages in a complexe machine. All alarm messages gets logged with date and time of day. Furthermore it is possible to add a picture to every alarm. When user clicks on alarm this picture of the problem area will occur.

This upgrade will be delivered precasted and can be advanced by the plant operater at every time and the software will be adjusted to customer requests.

datenverlaufset-view 1


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