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  • Our SPP 50 container is developed as modular system in order to be adapted as flexibly as possible to the local electricity demand and to the energy requirements at the respective location by connecting it to a local microgrid. This means that the systems are designed to be scalable. As a result, the performance output can be increased through expansion if necessary, without the basic or initial investment becoming obsolete. Thus, it is possible to react quickly to changing energy demand.

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SPP50 Specification

  • Total Output 50kWp, expandable to 100, 150kWp or more kWp
  • 4 x 23kWh storage modules or more
  • 40ft sea freight container with air-conditioned control room with electronic components and storage moduls
  • Total space required: 234 m²

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SPP50 Benefits

  • Can be adapted easily and with great flexibility to your needs and the local conditions
  • State-of-the-art-technology and high-quality components from high end manufacturers
  • All systems are equipped with a self-recovery-function - in the event of a complete idling of the energy storage system, all systems will be restarted automatically when solar radiation resumes, without external intervention (neither online nor on-site) being necessary
  • Stability – use of reliable, proven mechanics
  • Short assembly times
  • No structural measures (such as concrete foundations, etc.) are required