ACS System - Avalanche Controlling System


Software Engineering Tschürtz accesses directly the ACS-System via GSM-Modem, have a look at live-data (snow depth, temperature) and live-picture on our website on



An absolutetly world first: Avalanche Releasing Equipment

ACS - concept


  • snow is collected on the surface of the ACS-System
  • A SMS triggers the ACS-System
  • The snow will be released rapidly via a newly developed collapsible-mechanism
  • An avalanche will be released


  • New concept: Seperation into 2 different parts: A container, housing energy sources and the GSM-modem and the ACS-System itself. We are able to merge these 2 parts into one on demand.
  • Energy: On demand with solarpanel, fuel-cell, wind turbine

Why should I choose ACS instead of another avalanche releasing mechanism?

  • helicopters are limited to weather conditions
  • When helicopters are able to fly it is often too late for blasting the snow (snow depth should not exceed a certain limit, otherwise the blast doesn't have any impact)
  • 80% of all blasts are without any impact anyway!
  • Easy handling and clear listing of information in the ACS-webinterface. Webcam inkluded! Watch out, now on!
  • eco-friendly and without pollution
  • compact
  • no supply lines necessary (stand-alone power-supply, releasing of the avalanche via SMS)
  • no explosion
  • no explosives expert, no helicopter

ACS 1 - An information

  • Where: Sellreintal in Tyrol (Austria)
  • Installed in: Oktober 2009
  • Who has choosen the location: Dr. Rudi Mair (avalanche alert service Tyrol) together with Karl Kapferer (mayor of St. Sigmund and chairmain of avalanche consignment)
  • performance data: fuel-cell, collapsible-mechanism by nitrogen

Experience with ACS 1 - first winter:

  • Connection via Westermorouter into GSM worked flawlessly
  • Unfortunately it was the worst winter (2009/2010) for nearly 50 years in Sellraintal, not enough snow, thats why we couldn't use the full potential of ACS.

ACS 2 - An information

  • performance data: solarpanel, wind turbine, direct power-supply, collapsible-mechanism by electroengines
  • Separation into 2 parts: energycell and releasing-system
  • Taking our experiences with ACS 1 into account: lighter materials, which don't heat in the sun, more flat, different collapsible mechanism, renewable energy source.



Flight with heli

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Positioning of ACS

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